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Types of Counseling Services

Defend Marriage

Defend Marriage Defend your marriage and protect your relationship. Marriage is a sacred institution that is defined by God. Learn how to take steps to thrive in your marriage. How can I take care of my marriage? Apply the following pledge to your marriage. This pledge comes from Supreme Court decision several years ago. It …

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What is Love Addiction?

What is Love Addiction

What Is Love Addiction? Are you addicted to love? You might be if you ask, “What is Love Addiction?”. Learn how you can be addicted to love in a way which you regulate your emotions and relationships. Defining “Love Addiction” What does it mean to be addicted to love? We all love things in life. …

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Understanding Sexual Addiction with Tree of Counseling Background


Find Help For Relationships Having trouble in your intimate relationships? Understanding affairs and sexual addiction can help you recover. Learn more about why people have affairs, sexual addiction, and triggering factors. Find counseling help and recovery methods that work. Read More Find A Counselor In The United States Rest of The World Find A Help …

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There is hope of recovery from sexual addiction

Sex addicts can recover by learning the right information, seeking to change their behaviors, participating in individual and couples counseling sessions, and joining recovery workshops and groups.


This includes following the proven step-by-step process for gaining a functional awareness of sex addiction's destructive patterns, identifying weaknesses in addiction management and coping strategies, and wanting to get better.

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