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Having trouble in your intimate relationships? Understanding affairs and sexual addiction can help you recover. Learn more about why people have affairs, sexual addiction, and triggering factors. Find counseling help and recovery methods that work.

About Sex Addiction

Sex addiction means just that. Being addicted to sexual behaviors.

Sex addiction is about a continuing pattern of sexual behaviors. An occasional fling, hookup, or affair does not quite meet the defined pattern criteria that is consistent in cases of sex addiction. The series of sexual events must happen regularly or on a defined schedule. This is what makes the behavior an addiction and one time event.

Sex addicts are the people who engage in sex addiction. The addict displays a pattern of compulsive sexual behavior which has a negative impact on their life. This negative impact affects relational, personal, social, and economic parts of sex addict's lives. The sex addict needs the "fix" provided by the sexual behaviors and keeps coming back to them because of it.

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Types of Counseling

  • Sex Addiction Counseling

  • Couples Counseling

  • Womens Counseling

  • Family Support Counseling

  • Teens and Young Adult Counseling

  • Individual Counseling Services

  • Couples Therapy

  • Parenting Support

Understand The Problem

Sex addiction is a growing problem that needs to be challenged in the modern world.

Learn About Sex Addiction

Road Map To Recovery

You can recover from sex addiction even if you feel like you can't. Get help from counselors & therapists.

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Unlock The Addiction

Sex addiction is like a padlock. Once you have the key, you can open the lock into freedom.

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Jonathan Marsh
Founder of Recovery Nation

Recovery Nation is a nonprofit focused around health-based recovery. This means that the focus of your sex addiction recovery efforts need to be focused around your life issues. These areas include emotional maturity, value development, and life management. Managing sex addiction doesn't work well using traditional disease-based models. Manage your life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Sex Addiction Questions

Gain a Better Understanding of Sex Addiction by Asking the Right Questions as a Sex Addict or a Partner of a Sex Addict

Sex Addict FAQs - Ask The Questions

Find Answers To Your Sex Addict Questions

Parner of A Sex Addict FAQs

Find Answers to Your Partner of a Sex Addict Questions

There is hope of recovery from sexual addiction

Sex addicts can recover by learning the right information, seeking to change their behaviors, participating in individual and couples counseling sessions, and joining recovery workshops and groups.


This includes following the proven step-by-step process for gaining a functional awareness of sex addiction's destructive patterns, identifying weaknesses in addiction management and coping strategies, and wanting to get better.

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